Witty Potty” is a unique product on the world’s market because of its multifunctionality or the possibility to be used in three different purposes: there are witty potties for use at home  , witty potties on the go (travel potties)  or the witty potty seat  , depending on child’s needs. Quick transformation from one shape to another is provided by the legs, which can be easily assembled and disassembled. Once the legs of the potty are assembled, the potty takes a small amount of space, so it can become a part of your every-day luggage. 

Its main part is the inner pot  which makes the clean-up process easy and simple by preventing the unnecessary dirtying of  both potty and the toilet. The inner pot can be used with the WITTY POTTY SEAT, which provides a better insight into contents and prevents any potential skin contact with toilet fluid.

If it’s used outside and there are no suitable conditions for emptying the contents, instead of the inner pot, you can use 

SINGLE-USE “WITTY POTTY” SACKS  which absorbs up to 180 ml of fluid. If you buy “WITTY POTTY”, as a gift you’ll get color books for children  which will make children’s “potty time” more enjoyable, as well as an eco-friendly bag for packing. 

Using this potty outside of the house helps parents to overcome many problems, such as wearing the classic potty and emptying the contents, putting unnecessary diapers “just in case”, searching for a public bathroom in case of an emergency, or holding a baby while peeing. Because of its characteristics, it is very useful for the process of growing up and keeping a baby out of diapers. Very practical, with its specific looks and warm colors, the potty is designed to ease and improve a period in child’s growth.